Dublin is quite the city, make no mistake about that. Tourists flock here year after year to enjoy all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. Many arrive for the rich history on offer with perhaps a family tie somewhere in their background while others arrive with the towns famous nightlife firmly in mind.

Getting around the city is possible via bus, train or luas (tram) however many people will opt for a car hire Dublin Airport deal due to the huge flexibility on offer. When you hire a car you are no longer limited by the whims of public transport. You are the master of your own destiny, setting off and returning when you please.

There are some fantastic places to discover outside the city too which makes having your own transport essential if you want to pack as much in as possible. Another bonus is that it more often than not works out cheaper than public transport particularly when you book early.


The airport is located conveniently to the city with two terminals. Most people find it easiest to collect their car here as it saves on paying for transport to reach perhaps an inner city pick up point. There is also a lot more choice at the airport as several of the countries top firms are located close by.

When it comes to vehicle type, there are a great deal of options. For the family, you should consider space and comfort a priority. Keep in mind luggage space as well as the possibility of some grumpy travel companions. Those traveling alone or as a couple can choose from plenty of economy options if they want to save as much cash as possible for other holiday pursuits though of course splashing out on a luxury car is another possibility.

Insurance is of course vital to your trip. Most deals come with limited insurance cover so it is a good idea to purchase excess insurance which is best done online as the rates charged at rental desks can be excessive.

Driving at your own pace also gives you a great opportunity to really take in all the sights. Ireland is a beautiful country and there is so much worth exploring not just in Dublin but throughout the country. In the south you have places like Kerry and Cork while Galway and Clare in the west offer numerous tourist attractions worth your attention. Belfast in the north is of course another must visit location.

When looking for car rental in Dublin Airport, you should always compare prices. Cheap deals can usually be found on comparison websites. These sites can list prices from a large number of firms allowing you to pick and choose the best possible rate and car for you. Look at all the various assets of each deal and carefully make a choice. The right car can make a big difference to your holiday.

Most of all, make sure you thoroughly enjoy your stay in Dublin. Its sure to be a trip you will never forget.